Class of 2014 Confirm Frankston High Schools Reputation = High Performing School Of Academic Excellence

We can continue to be justifiably proud of our outstanding reputation as a high
performing school of academic excellence.

Our 2014 Year 12 cohort have not let us down with results which continue
to place Frankston High School as one of the top schools in the state.

Highlights included

  • 115 students
    received an A+ grade in their assessments.
  • An incredible three ATARs over 98
  • Four perfect study
    scores in English, Business Management, Outdoor Education and Russian
  • 9% of students
    achieved study scores over 40, which places Frankston High School as the
    leading government school on the peninsula, ahead of most private schools.
  • The many students
    who were able to reach their full potential as a result of their
    commitment to their studies and the outstanding teaching at Frankston High
  • The dedication of
    our outstanding teachers who generously supported our students to achieve
    such excellent results.