Middle School

In Years 9 and 10, English, Mathematics, Science and Languages other than English (LOTE) are taught as core subjects. All other subjects are elective choices that typically contain a mixture of Year 9 and 10 students.

Students elect or choose their subjects over two years of Middle School. Allowing students to choose their subjects gives them a greater ownership and commitment to their learning.

The subjects students choose are called units. A unit lasts for one semester. Each student will complete seven units per semester, 14 units in a year, 28 units during their time in Middle School. Units run for four periods per week, except for English and Mathematics, which run for five periods.

The Core Subjects are English, English as a Second Language or Advanced English, mathematics, Accelerated Mathematics or Applied Mathematics and Science.

Over the two years, a student must complete a minimum number of units in the set areas of: Arts (2), Technology (2), Language (2), Humanities (2), and Health and Physical Education (3), including a minimum of one Health and one PE.

Middle School Electives
ENGLISH: Speaking on Public Occasions, Film & Text

MATHS & SCIENCE: VCE General Mathematics, Psychology, Mathematics Problem Solving

TECHNOLOGY: Introduction to IT, Advanced IT, Woodwork, Metal Craft, Food & Culture, Experiences with Food, People & Food, Cake Mixing & Decorating, Social Occasions, Gourmet Food, Textiles, Creative Crafts & Characters, Aviation A & B, Robotics

LOTE: Japanese, Accelerated Japanese, Extension Japanese, French, Accelerated French, Extension French, Comparative LOTE.

HEALTH & PHYSCIAL EDUCATION: Human Sexuality, Health & Lifestyle, Child Development Studies, General Physical Education, Advanced Physical Education, Racquet Sports, Handball Games, Stickball Games, Football Games, Power Sports, Sports Coaching, Leisure Studies, Outdoor Education A & B, Individual Movement, Life Saving, VCE Outdoor Education.

THE ARTS: General Art, Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Costume & Set Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, Experimental Art, Drama, Media Studies, Music, Advertising & Business Graphics, Architecture Domestic, Architecture Commercial, Advanced Visual Communication & Design.

HUMANITIES: Australian History, American History, Asian History, Current Issues & Global Studies, Australian Geography, Environmental Geography, Teenagers & the Law, Money Matters, Work Life, Movies, Mind & Meaning.

Completing a VCE subject while in Year 10
Year 10 students are encouraged to undertake a VCE Unit 1 & 2 subjects. Students must have the recommendation of teachers and generally do not undertake more than one VCE subject.