Student Wellbeing

Frankston High School has a comprehensive team of Student Wellbeing Coordinators responsible for the wellbeing of its students. The staff working alongside this team include Campus Principals, Year Level Coordinators, the Enrichment Coordinator and tutorial teachers to ensure that all students are supported.

Frankston High School has a Student Wellbeing Coordinator based on each campus.

Student Wellbeing Coordinators 

Kirsten Bakker

Michelle Beirouti

Myriam Camilleri

The Student Wellbeing Coordinators are concerned with the welfare of students and are available to counsel students with problems and to consult with parents.  They are available to students and their families, offering support through individual counselling, group support and in secondary consultation with teachers,

The Student Wellbeing Coordinators also liaise with welfare services beyond the school and are able to refer people to these agencies where appropriate.

The Student Wellbeing team respond to the needs of the school through school activities which enhance the wellbeing of the school community.  This includes running our Year 10 Headsmart program on depression, along with course targeting bullying, resilience building, social skills, LGBTI group, partying safely and mindfulness skills.

Counselling services:

The counselling services are available to help students with a range of issues that include:

  • Emotional concerns such as anxiety, grief and loss, depression, low self-esteem
  • Family issues such as separation/divorce, parenting difficulties, parent-child or sibling relationships
  • Peer and social issues such as bullying, peer relationships and social skills
  • School related issues such as transition, motivation and organisation
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Developmental disorders
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Identity issues
  • Health and general wellbeing


Students are encouraged to self-refer.  They may also be referred by teachers, parents or other professionals (eg. Doctor).  The Wellbeing staff also liaise collaboratively with other mental health professionals or community based services where appropriate.


Discussions with students are confidential.  Each student is treated with respect, without discrimination or judgement.  When information is shared outside the counselling space this is done with the consent of the student/parent.  As a team there are instances where we may discuss our support with others in the team in a peer supervision environment to ensure that we are supporting the student adequately.

Although our goal is to always have the consent of the student, due to mandatory laws and professional expectations there are times where the Wellbeing Team are bound to share information with others e.g. parents, relevant senior staff, or government agencies.  These situations include:

  • The student is at risk of harm to themselves or others
  • A serious crime has been committed
  • There has been a subpoena served to present documents to court.


Parents may contact a Student Wellbeing/Chaplain member via phone on (03) 9783 7955.

Tutorial Program

At Years 7, the Tutorial Program gives students the opportunity to connect with their class-mates through various team-building activities, such as the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Time Capsule Project and the Billycart Derby.