Swimming Sports and Year 7 Camps Herald a Great Start to the Year

This week we had a magnificent summer day to enjoy our swimming carnival.  Whilst our elite swimmers astounded us all by breaking records, the rest of us competed having fun to earn points for our houses.  I was relieved to finish my race without having to call for the defibrillator!

Congratulations to Murray House: our 2015 Champions.

Many thanks to Ms Edwards and Ms Tierney who have worked tirelessly to ensure we all had a wonderful day.

As well as the swimming carnival, two Year 7 camps occurred this week.  These camps provide a great opportunity for students to form new friendships and get to know their teachers.  I enjoyed visiting to see many smiles on young and not so young faces as everyone enjoyed participating in the many
adventure team building activities.  A huge thank you to Ms Williams who has spent many hours organizing these camps for all to enjoy.

Wine and Cheese Evening
I look forward to meeting our Year 7 Parents at the Wine and Cheese Evening to be held in the hall on Tuesday, 24 February at 7pm.  I can recommend these nights to new parents as an informal, social get together with other parents in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.
In conclusion, I extend my best wishes to everyone as we embark on another challenging, stimulating year of teaching and learning where I am sure we will be regularly celebrating the many achievements of our extraordinary students.  I encourage all students to become involved in many different aspects of school life, which will enhance their learning experiences and provide wonderful lifelong memories of well spent years at our wonderful school.