Dr Sarah Meachem

Applied Science Biology PhD

Class of 1987

Inducted into the Frankston High School “Back to School” Hall of Fame 2015

Dr Sarah Meachem completed her VCE in 1987 at Frankston High School before studying Applied Science in Biology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1990.  She conferred her Doctorate of Philosophy at Monash University in 1999 where she studied the hormone control of testis function.


Sarah now runs her own laboratory at the Hudson Institute for Medical Research as a testis biologist and engages in numerous leadership and advocacy roles in the broader health sector in Australia including: Associate Director of the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (NSW), Senior Leader at the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (Canberra) and Director and President of the Australian Society for Medical Research  2004-2016.

Sarah has been the recipient of the Victorian Tall Poppy Awards for Research and Communication Excellence and was awarded the Australian Leadership Award for her vision for the nations health sector.

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