Mr John Albiston

Mr John Albiston

Principal 2006-2020

Fourteen years ago Frankston High School appointed a new principal. At that stage all anyone knew was that his name was ‘Mr Albiston’.  Since then we have discovered a whole lot more. As students, we have learned that his decisions always put us first.

Mr Albiston has high expectations of students but he is also friendly, funny and approachable.  Even with nearly 2000 students, he knows most of us by name. We always see him at school events and performances, from music concerts to competitions, drama performances, sporting carnivals and events, cheering us on and congratulating our performances.

Mr Albiston recognises our achievements with lunches and morning teas.  On top of this Frankston High School’s academic successes keep growing. One of the things we like the most though, is that he is happy to relax and have a bit of fun with us.

Thank you for your dedication to Frankston High School Mr Albiston.

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