School Information

Frankston High School is a large multi campus, coeducational school situated in South Frankston. We have a strong sense of tradition with excellent parent involvement and strong links with the local community. The school has a population in excess of 1900 students; the Year 7-10 and Senior Campuses occupy adjacent sites.

Students achieve outstanding results in the VCE and tertiary selection. The school has a priority of offering a breadth of VCE programs which maximise tertiary opportunities for all students. There are a large number of accelerated courses, including university enhancement programs. Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs are now well established at the VCE level.

An extensive transition program helps students to adjust from primary to secondary school and the Year 7 tutorial program engenders a sense of security and belonging to the school. As students’ progress through each sub-school they are introduced to increased choice, flexibility and responsibility, culminating in a more adult learning environment on the Senior Campus. In each sub-school the curriculum aims to promote extension and enhancement of learning for all students.

Frankston High School continues to lead state schools in the use of technology. Tablet Notebook computer classes at Years 7 to 9 have proved an outstanding success. Staff undergo extensive relevant professional learning keeping them at the forefront in the use of technology in the classroom. Our use of multi media, school portal, learning centre and school website, facilitate communication with the world and promote true “twenty-four-seven” learning.


Period 0     8.10 am —   8.55 am (Senior Campus Only)
Period 1      9.00 am —  9.45 am
Period 2      9.50 am — 10.40 am

RECESS      10.40 am — 11.05 am

Period 3      11.05 am — 11.50 am
Period 4      11.55 am —  12.45 pm

LUNCHTIME  12.45 pm —  1.35 pm

Period 5       1.35 pm —  2.20 pm
Period 6       2.25 pm — 3.15 pm

Frankston High School’s innovative curriculum is complemented by an extensive extra-curricular program that includes music, sport, debating, choir, musical production and lunchtime activities. These programs provide many opportunities for students to develop a wide range of skills. All students are actively encouraged to involve themselves in the school and its many programs and activities.

Priority has been given to providing for the pastoral care and  health of students. These needs are addressed by our highly skilled well-being team.

A strong Student Leadership Council provides opportunities for students at all levels to develop leadership skills. A Leadership Academy is available for high achieving Year 9 students to study leadership as part of the curriculum.

The school has continued to give high priority to ongoing staff professional learning. There has been a continued focus on helping students to take increased responsibility for their own learning as they progress through the school. In addition, there is a strong focus on improving literacy and numeracy from Years 7 to 10.

We are proud of our reputation as an outstanding school of excellence. Teachers, parents and students continue to work together to further develop and consolidate the many exemplary educational programs offered at Frankston High School.

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