FHS Basketball Club

Read below for FHS Basketball Club information and requirements

  1. All teams must have a minimum of 7 players.
  2. Please email FHSBasketball.enrolments@fhs.vic.edu.au with TEAM NAME and we will then register the team and send the TM a PlayHQ TEAM LINK.  The TM will use this link to register as a TM and then email ALL PLAYERS and COACH in the team to register individually.  A WWCC is required for both TM & Coach.
  3. Download and fill in MEMBER PROTECTION DECLARATION (needs to be witnessed in the same manner as a Statutory Declaration).
  4. Download and fill in the CODE OF CONDUCT Everyone associated with FHS Basketball Club are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. TMs are required to distribute give a copy of the Codes of Conduct to coaches/parents/players.


FHS Basketball Club facilitates the registration of teams to play in competitions.

It is our preference that teams, coaches and team managers are organised and then brought to the club to register.

We are happy to try and connect individual players to form teams however you will still need to organise a team manager, coach or parent supervisor to liaise with the club.  It is not the responsibility of the club to build teams or supply coaches.  There are clubs we can refer you to if you are unable to fulfill these requirements.

About Us

FHS Basketball Club is currently run by volunteers who have children at Frankston High School.  The club has grown to more than 25 teams in the last few years and competing in basketball associations across the Peninsula.

Our biggest basketball association involvement is with the FDBA (Frankston & District Basketball Association) however if your team is planning on playing with another basketball association (eg WPBA (Western Port Basketball Association), MDBA (Mornington & District Basketball Association) we are here to help but strongly advise to familiarise yourself with the association’s expectations, by-laws and program overall. Direct links provided below.

Enrolments Alli Peachey FHSBasketball.enrolments@fhs.vic.edu.au

Uniform Alli Peachey  FHSBasketball.uniform@fhs.vic.edu.au

Training Stav Smaragdiou FHSBasketball.training@fhs.vic.edu.au

How Do I Register A TEAM?

FDBA Competition

To play in the FDBA competition you must register your team (min 7 players) through an affiliated club like FHS Basketball Club.  We have an all-inclusive low fee* which covers administration, team registration, weekly game fees and training. One payment for each season.

*This payment may vary each season as the duration of the season will change depending on the Victorian School Terms.

Email Alli Peachey fhsbasketball.enrolments@fhs.vic.edu.au TO REGISTER A TEAM FOR THE FDBA COMPETITION


MDBA / WPBA Competitions

You can register through FHS Basketball Club however you can also register as an independent FHS Basketball team (min 7 players) which can cost less.

Email Alli Peachey fhsbasketball.enrolments@fhs.vic.edu.au for further information



FHS Basketball Club teams must have at least 7 players and need to be registered before the season starts.

If you have a team (minimum 7 players) the Team Manager is to liaise with our club and will be given a TEAM LINK.  Please see Team Manager section.

All players MUST BE REGISTERED online in PlayHQ before commencing training and their first match.

To register as a player you will need to contact your Team Manager to obtain a link to register with the PlayHQ system.  Each season the club will have a link to follow to make this process simple and stress free.


How Do I Find A Team?

Players are responsible for finding or creating their own team however you can submit your details to I’M LOOKING FOR A TEAM  and our staff will try to assist.  In the meantime, try to get a group of friends and organise a team to register.

Players who are not students at Frankston High School

We do accept players who do not go to Frankston High School.  All new players need to be endorsed by the school, and all new players and parents need to sign and adhere to the FHS Basketball Club Code of Conduct.

Winter Season

Terms 2 & 3 (April – September)

Summer Season

Terms 4 & 1 (October – March)


Winter 2023 &

Summer 2023-24

Under 12’s  BOTTOM AGE 2013

Under 12’s  TOP AGE 2012


Under 14’s  BOTTOM AGE 2011

Under 14’s  TOP AGE 2010


Under 16’s  BOTTOM AGE 2009

Under 16’s  TOP AGE 2008


Under 18’s  BOTTOM AGE 2007

Under 18’s  TOP AGE 2006


NOTEa younger aged player may play up in a high age group, e.g. U10 aged may play up in U12.
An older player cannot play down in a younger age group, e.g. U12 aged cannot play U10.

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Team Managers / Coaches

FHS Basketball Club appreciates the volunteer work of our Coaches and Team Managers (TMs).  The Coaches (and assistant coaches) are responsible for the coaching and training of our basketballers.  The TMs are the team’s first point of contact.  TMs are responsible for communicating game fixtures, parent scoring roster and arranging fill-in players.  All teams are required to organise their own Coach and TM.  As we are a high school it is common for older age group teams to play without a coach.  These teams are welcome at FHS Basketball Club however they need to be mindful they will need adults present for scoring and to assist with any concerns that may arise (for example, injuries).  If a team does not have a coach, training will still be available to them under the supervision of a parent of the team who has a WWCC (Working With Children Check). This situation will be discussed with the Training Coordinator in more detail.


FHS Basketball Club is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and child-safe environment.  In order to comply with the school’s policy, all volunteers must please provide FHS Basketball Club with the following:

  • WWCC
  • Members Protection Form (to be witnessed in the same manner as a Statutory Declaration)

How Do I Buy Uniform?

Our uniforms can be ordered directly from the online order platform with delivery directly to Frankston High School.

Uniforms cost $85.  Please note all our singlets are reversible.

It is important when ordering uniforms that the Team Manager coordinates player numbers.

The club is happy for the players to select their own numbers but you must make sure there are no number clashes within the team.

Legal numbers that the players may use are 00, 0 – 99

All FHS Basketball Club teams are required to play in the official uniform.

 Team Training

All teams have an opportunity to train, at Franston High School Indoor Basketball Stadium, with their coach to improve on their skills and build confidence for the games.  Training times vary each season and are at the discretion of Frankston High School and the FHS Basketball Club Training Coordinator.  Each season Coaches and TMs will be asked to notify the Training Coordinator of their request to train and be expected to fulfill the schools requirements for these training sessions.  Not all teams may choose to run training (especially the older age groups/rep teams).

If a team does not have a coach, training will still be available to them under the supervision of a parent of the team who has a WWCC. This situation will be discussed with the training coordinator in more detail.

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