A range of outings is offered at all levels, including subject-based excursions, year level camps, interstate and international trips. Examples of these are the Year 7 Orientation Camp and tours to, Central Australia, Japan and France. These tours provide opportunities for students to better appreciate history and culture and develop their interpersonal skills.

Year 7 Orientation Camp
The Year 7 Orientation Camp is run as part of the tutorial program which involves all Year 7 students. This camp is held at Golden Valleys Lodge in Flinders and is always a valuable experience for all concerned. Students get to know each other, see their teachers in a less formal environment and really start to feel that they are a part of the Frankston High School community as a result of the camp experience.

The camp helps develop cooperative team work and trust in each other, as students come to understand how they depend on other students, as others depend on them. The students are exposed to unfamiliar situations and must learn to look after themselves and their belongings. They will develop a degree of self sufficiency during the camp.
The camp also encourages the students to observe and care for their environment.

The purpose of the camp is to give everyone the chance to meet each other and make new friends. There will be lots of fun activities, including picnics at Point Leo and Safety Beach. Golden Valleys Lodge has a range of activities including trampolining, orienteering and archery. It even has its own pool!

Students and teachers have a great time, working and relaxing in a friendly, co-operative atmosphere.

It is expected that all students attend. Groups attend for three days each, with their tutorial teacher, subject teachers and qualified lifesavers.

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