Sporting Excellence


Frankston High School has a long history of excellence in Sport at the local, state, national and international level.  We are recognised for our outstanding participation, programs and success which we continue to achieve in both individual and team sports. For the past 16 consecutive years, we have been School Sport Victoria State Athletics Champions and have earned the title of one of the top sporting schools in Victoria based on our team performances at State Swimming and Cross Country.

Our ‘Semper Squad’ program is our most recent innovation.  It engages interested students in a high quality training program run by top local coaches and experienced staff.  This program offers students before and after school training sessions with each term having a different focus. It allows our students to develop their personal fitness and learn skills which will significantly benefit their participation in other sports of personal interest. Whilst this is a highly specialised program, it is open to all interested students, regardless of their  ability level.

The Sport program at Frankston High School aims to provide all students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities.  We are very successful in getting all students involved in our sporting program and finding sports that they can particularly enjoy.

All students are allocated to a house group for intra-school sporting events. The four houses are local indigenous Bunurong words; YAWA, BRIM, BARRBUNIN and TIR-RER. There is a swimming, cross country and athletics carnival each year and all interested students have the opportunity to compete. Winners of the house competition advance to inter-school district competition.

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