• Attractive and well equipped International Centre
  • Technology rich library and research area
  • Careers library and support centre
  • An Audio-Visual Centre
  • Fully networked computer laboratories
  • Wireless network on both junior and senior campuses
  • Computer Service Centre staffed by experienced technicians
  • Modern, well equipped science laboratories
  • Specialist Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) Centre
  • Senior Study Centre
  • Music Centre and practice rooms
  • Auditorium and Drama studio
  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • Indoor Sports Stadium (New Sports Centre)
  • Fully equipped fitness centre
  • Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball courts
  • Multi-purpose outdoor court
  • Modern Food Technology Centre
  • Two canteens offering a range of healthy snacks and meals

For more information, see: www.study.vic.gov.au

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