Notebook Program

Frankston High School has led government sector schools in the application of personal notebook computers in education. Students benefit from a depth of experience that has developed within the school. Over one third of students and all teaching staff at Frankston High School use a personal notebook computer on a daily basis.

In implementing the Notebook Program the school believes that computers on their own do not enhance learning, but the use of computers in the classroom leads to positive changes in teaching methods that enhance student learning. Since 1995 teaching methodology has changed significantly at Frankston High School. As a result of the Notebook Program, there has been increased access to interactive online curriculum to improve educational opportunities for students have increased access.

A World Leader

Frankston High School is regarded as a world leader in the application of technology in the class room. It was the first state school in Australia to have students using laptop computers and has more recently also been the first to utilise tablet notebook computers in student learning.

This technology enables students to experience the benefits of computers but with the added functionality of pen based technologies. Students and teachers are excited about the technology, and significant changes are occurring in curriculum delivery due to the inception of tablet notebook computers.

Over half of all Year 7 students entering the school each year elect to be part of the program, which in turn increases the access to desktop technologies for those students in non-notebook classes.

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